Rando Chat

Random Chat partner options, most are free!

For several years we have enjoyed meeting people from all around the world online in various chat rooms. Many of the people we have met have been a lot of fun, and sometimes we have learned quite a bit about other cultures, and slang languages and such. After spending lots of time with various web sites like chat roulette, and many others, we decided to put together some of our favorite options all in one place.

So here we offer some tips for having fun and keeping it safe with various chat room systems that we have come to love and enjoy. We are also rolling out some new options for enjoying free text chat, and some audio and video chat options as well. Some people love to cam to cam video chat, and some people prefer text only chat rooms. We have found that starting with text chat, then moving to some audio chat is a great way to get to know people before turning on the webcam, but not all people share our preferred method of meeting and greeting others.

As we have gotten a lot of requests and some confusion about getting naughty in the various chat systems, we have now created a page with tips and advice for those who are looking for adult or sex chat as well. We even showcase some places where it is cool to get sexy, like too sexy for facebook, but not pornographic. Most of the time we like to find places where things are kind of in the middle, so we are going to label this site mature, for adults only, although that is not the focus of our fun place here.

Personally I think the line of sexy without being pornographic is the most fun when chatting online. I like to enjoy conversing with other people and not worry about censoring myself, or others having to censor themselves. I think it's fine to dance around in a thong while playing guitar if you want to, and as to where that might get an adults only restriction on youtube, I don't think it is porno. So come on in and frolic about in the various chat options presented inside, but only if you are a mature adult over the age of 18.